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Personal Account

Whatever your needs are for sending money overseas – one-off or regular payments, large or small - Numex Fx can help you. We are experts in foreign currency trading, and deal in all tradeable currencies. As well as managing your whole transaction from start to finish, we also offer you:

  • Fast completion
  • Excellent rates
  • Low fees

Here is a sample of savings that can be achieved by trading through Numex Fx compare to UK High St Banks.

Open an account online
Sending or trading currency with Numex Fx can be conducted online, or over the phone. Opening an account with us is free and easy, and can be completed online. Click here to apply.

Dedicated currency experts
Our team of experts can advise you as to exactly what kind of transaction is best suited for your requirements.

Regular payments
With Numex Fx you can fully automate the sending of payments at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) – perfect for transactions like overseas mortgages, or tuition fees.

We set up an standing order on your UK bank account and automatically send the foreign currency to the overseas recipient. With our low transfer fees and competitive exchange rates, you’re ensured ongoing value for money.
We also enable you to fix your exchange rate for a set period of time.

We offer a number of options to suit your individual requirements:

  1. Fixed sterling amount – Fix the amount of sterling to be debited from your UK account for each payment. The amount of foreign currency sent to the recipient will vary according to the exchange rate at the time of the transfer.
  2. Fixed foreign currency amount – Fix the amount of foreign currency to be sent. The sterling amount debited from your UK account will vary according to the exchange rate at the time of transfer.
  3. Fix both – Fix both the sterling amount paid from your UK account, and the foreign currency amount sent. This option is available for a period of between 6 and 24 months.

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